Unable to access secure pages (continued...)

You can access the secure sites when you get the"network" message because it really isn’t functioning and doing its job; not good. And Dennis2 is right, should have told you to go to custom mode to get all the popups-too long since I have done it myself. :wink: But training mode should have made rules for you that allow the secure sites anyway without the popups. Checked on nsandi.com but found nothing unusual-standard port 443 for the secure part, port 80 for regular part. Don’t know why you can’t access it when others seem to have no problems with the same settings if you are not using a proxy. But a proxy would block all https access.

Hello all. Matty, thanks for that link. Thirteen pages long and people are still having problems? I was going to give up there and then but decided to give it one more go with Windows Defender shut down too. (Interesting point: it SHOULD have been shut down during previous reinstalls of CFP as it’s included in the list produced by msconfig.exe. But on checking Security Centre, it was still on. Had to shut it via Services - was quite pleased with myself for working out how to do that…).
So how did I get on? I didn’t. During the reinstall there were two cases of that nanosecond flash which I imagine was the alert about unsigned drivers. There was a blog I read yesterday about how CFP ‘hijacks’ Windows when it comes to drivers so maybe there’s something in that. I installed fine - no ‘network firewall’ warnings but, as feared, those secure sites are still off limits for me.
I also read yesterday that the Windows firewall is now two-way whereas I was always lead to believe it was one-way - that’s why I went looking for a new one. Perhaps I’ll just stick with Windows or have a look at Download.com for some other recommended firewalls. To everyone here who’s taken the time to help me, thank you so much. If I knew who the hell you were and where you lived, I’d buy you a pint. Cheers.