Unable to access ftp servers..

Hi! Just switched to CPF and love it, but i have just met a problem concerning accessing ftp servers.
I have allowed all connections for Flashfxp, but in Custom mode i am unable to access servers. In Allow
All mode i can access the servers perfectly. Does anyone know how to solve this and does it have anything to do with using an ident? Has never been a problem with other firewall software so it is probably just a setting or rule i need to make. If anyone have any clue at all I would be very grateful to get some help on this. Searched the help file and forum on this but could not find any info.


Hello and Welcome to the Comodo Forums,

Please post your logs here. They can be accessed in the Comodo Personal Firewall by going to Activity, then Logs.

Hi, unfortunately no logs are created when i try to access a server and is blocked, which is strange. However if i make a new rule for tcp/udp/in/out opening destination port on 113 and in application monitor right click Flashfxp, click Edit then Miscellaneous and check for Skip Advanced Security Checks i am allowed in on the servers. Only opening port 113 and unchecking Skipping Security Checks does not work. Hmm, thats’s weird.

Application Monitor - FTP application - Edit - Misc - check “Skip advanced security checks”

I believe the “Skip advanced security checks” option is the key to getting an FTP client to work. I also have FlashFXP & it seems to work fine with just this option set.

ok, cool, works for me too:-) thanks guys

I’ve tried the port 113 rule and “Skip advanced security checks” and still I am unable to upload to my FTP server, Even if I choose “Allow all”. I’m using FlashFXP 3.4.0 build 1145 and Comodo Personal Firewall

Help me please.