Unable to access backup or files in it at all -- Access Denied -- No Permissions

I backed up my partition with Comodo before my laptop was decommissioned. I am now trying to restore from my backup and I cannot seem to be able to. I have tried for the last week. I keep getting permissions errors and I have even had IT make me a full administrator and tried changing the access on files and folders to take ownership, but nothing seems to work.

Is there a method I can use to copy files out of my backup file that will work when I am now on a different laptop with a fresh image of Windows 7? (Windows 7 was used to create the backup, by the way)

Please help as I will lose about six months of work and, literally, seven years of emails if I am not able to access my backup.

Thank you!


Please post screenshots with the permission errors you have so we can better understand the issue.

If the backup type is a “disk, partitions and MBR” type, you have two options:

  1. Restore the backup to a equal or larger partition (or disk … if you chose the entire disc when backup was performed) … then take ownership of the files
  2. Mount the backup in read-write mode from CB → Manage → Mounted drive → expand the mount options and uncheck “Mount in read-only mode”