unable to access any application on pc after cis update

Hi there,
I have CIS v3.8.65951.477 running on Windows Vista 64-bit. No problem until recent CIS updated 3 days ago on 3/1/09.

Following the CIS update and PC shutdown and restart. I could not access any software on my pc at all. When I restarted PC in safemode without CIS, I can use other softwares.

When I uninstall CIS and boot up normally, I can access all softwares also.

I have tried unintall using Add/remove program and manually clean out regedit keys and reinstall CIS 3.8 but problem still exists.

Could somebody shed some lights on this matter?

Thanks in advance.

A long shot, but try updating your Nvidia drivers. Also, are you running any other AV?

I have the same problem. None of my programs will execute. Has anyone found the solution??? I also noticed that since the update the Window’s Operating System is being blocked by the firewall. I’ve been unable to find out why.

I am also running Vista 64 bit, and had same problem after updating the firewall - couldn’t run any programs. Only help I can offer is that after going back to the last restore point before I installed the update, everything worked fine.

I tried installing again, same problem, went back to a restore point, everything OK.

I won’t try to update again untill I see some solvable explanation.