Un-Installation and Problem with F-secure

Well after removing CAV,i decided to install F-secure AV and had problems with it. (:SAD)
The pc hangs after booting,ie comodo’s taskbar icon is shown and after a few seconds the pc hangs,nothing happens…
i had to reboot to safe made to remove comodo.

Also,from my previous experiences with beta,i checked the comodo folder after un-installing and to my surprise i found quite a few files left from CAV and CFW…

Why isn’t all files being deleted by the un-installer…i m using the beta of CFW…

I had the same problem, here is the thread: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,1247.0.html

They conflict so much that a clean uninstall just doesn’t seem possible. Fortunately it isn’t too difficult to clean up and my system went back to normal. I tried a lot of firewalls with F-secure AV and the only two that seemed to work well with it are Outpost and Kerio. Don’t try Zone Alarm either or it makes a mess worse then Comodo.

I split the difference and uninstalled Comodo on one machine and F-secure on another. I was left with pc1 running Kaspersky/Comodo and pc2 running F-secure/Outpost. Both are doing well and allow me to compare the two firewalls.

thanks,after deleting all files,the official 2.2 version seems to be working well,you may try it as well.

Since you have CPF and another firewall running side-by-side, could we ask what your opinion is of CPF, in relation to Outpost?

Thanks in advance,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I am having a busy day at work but will try and put down some thoughts later today. Not sure where to start though as there are a lot of differences to note despite the fact they are doing a similar task. I only told half the story too as I also have Sunbelt-Kerio/F-Secure running on my laptop and have installed Comodo/NOD32 on my wifes machine. It has been tricky finding the right AV/Firewall combo for each of the machines as they all have different quirky issues that must be taken into account. For instance my wife does a lot of web design, ftp transfers while the laptop gets used a lot for web access via T-Mobile data card and remote admin through vnc. The other two home pc’s are for experiments, multimedia, etc, and some bittorrent activity.

The one thing I can say at this point is that Comodo is fairing well (at least on the machines that do not run F-Secure AV). Despite using the most memory of all the firewalls installed, it does seem to run the quickest. I just haven’t quite gotten comfortable with it yet and have a lot to learn. Most of my previous experience was with Outpost.

Now if I could just get my hands on this newest upcoming beta!! I can hardly wait, hoping it is released soon.