Un-Install help needed

I have tried to uninstall Comodo Anti-Virus through the control panel. It will not un-install. What are the steps needed to completely un-install the CAVS?

Hey rick,

Try this thread and see if it helps.


marc57, I have tried the instructions in the link you provided me. I still am unable to un-install this product after 3 days of trying. ::slight_smile:

see my post in the link which marc57 posted as to how I did it, cumbersome, lengthy and you need to be careful, but it works.

I recommend backing up the Comodo folders to start with and creating a series of temp backups of the registry at each stage “just in case”

If you are inexperienced, or at all unsure about using the registry (it can be VERY dangerous) then it is best for you to wait for the support groups to finalise their batch files.

looks like these products are not as good as they first seem,ireally thought i had found a good site for products all i seem to be reading is problems people are having with these product ??? 'thinks maybe ill go back to what i know they wernt great but useable >:(