Un-biased Comodo Review?

Could a few folks please give me their un-biased opionion`s of exactly why you feel that the Comodo Firewall is better then the Agnitum Outpost Pro firewall ?

I installed the Comodo Latest version and the install went just fine but my server would occassionally lock up and I had to re-boot the pc to get my internet connection back. I also have no viruss or spyware in this pc. I dont think I ever experienced this with the installation of any other firewall in the past. I uninstalled the Comodo firewall and just went back to using the WXP SP2 flimsy firewall until I decide which aftermarket firewall to choose, and everything is fine now with my connection to the internet. I know I don`t like ZA, Norton, Bitdefender.

I just feel like their are too many parameters & pop-ups that the user has to initially set in this firewall compared to others on the market.

I use highspeed broadband and have an always ON connection to the internet.

I am not thrashing Comodo at all and wish I could get his thing to work, but I simply became a little frustrated with installing this firewall, surfing the web and all of a sudden I would lose my internet connection for no apparent reason other then this firewall.

Thanks for any replys.

Regards, Silverfox

Hi Silverfox

I can’t give you a comparison with Agnitum Outpost Pro because I’ve never used it. I previously used the pay versions of Shields-Up & Sygate’s SPF Pro (I actually bought 3 licenses of this one). But, both of these firewalls were unfortunately bought by a company, that I shall not name (mainly because I get flamed), who instantly killed them. On the 1st occasion I received a free version AWFUL 2001 & on the second occasion I was offered a discount for REALLY-AWFUL 2005 (a time limited offer… just to make sure I didn’t get the really attractive TOO-BAD-4-WORDS 2006). Gee, thanks.

Since SPF Pro’s IDS was not being updated any more & it was, in effect, a dead product, I decided to go looking for another firewall. At this point I was looking at pay versions. I tested several, whilst avoiding certain brands (Sybantec & Zone Cabs - can’t flame me for that!). Then, I accidently ran into CPF. Despite, all the FREE banners, initially I didn’t realise is was free until a bit later. Anyway, I instantly knew this was the one (it was a bit like SPF Pro), there were a few things missing. But, it felt right. Then I hit the forums… and I was stunned. The CEO, the coders, the support, the up-take of user ideas/wishes/feedack. And it was all for free. This was better than any paid support that I had ever encountered previously.

As to your problems…

Too many parameters & pop-ups? Do an automatic install & set the pop-up frequency to low. Job done.

Loss on Net connection? I can’t really help you there… Did CPF crash? Anything in the CPF/Windows logs around the time of the Net loss? Also you mentioned your “server” was locking up… is that your PC or do you also run a server? What is your Net connection kit? (there are some other posts on the BB with similar reports).

One more thing… Un-install CPF & use XPs Firewall? You might as well save your system resources & not bother with a firewall at all. Seriously. Do NOT depend on that XP thing.

Thank You Kail for your un-biased opinion. I will try your suggestions again in regards to the low popup tab setting, and no I`m not running a server. I simply meant to say my host client which is Roadrunner thru Time Warner cable here in Texas. I totally agree with your observation of the great support you get here at the Comodo forums from the admins & fellow members. The support is the best I have ever seen with ANY sotware product. That is the main reason I hope I can get the connection issue resolved.

Regards, Silverfox