Hello. I have a question in creating rules. I use UltraVNC SC as a client. I created a rule for the viewer application, giving the correct protocol and port (5500), but the firewall continued stopping incoming calls. I had to create a TCP IN rule in the network monitor to make everything work. Now, any TCP IN request on port 5500 bypasses the firewall. My question is: is there any way to say Comodo that I want TCP IN on port 5500 only in case I use UltraVNC and filter in all the other cases (unless specified differently by me)? I also created a rule in application monitor for UltraVNC allowing everything and ignoring all other tests (parent test…), but this was not enough without the network monitor rule. Thanks a lot.

Welcome to the forums lcercatorediinfo,

You could specify an IP address as the source on port 5500. This is if you connect to the same machine each time you use your VPN connection. That way only that machine could get in port 5500.

If you connect to more than one machine then you would have to make a rule for each machine as the source in order to make it work.

If you connect to many machines and making rules for each machine would be to much then you could manually go in and change ALLOW to BLOCK in the one rule to be safe. That would stop anyone from coming in on that port until you opened it manually again.