UltraVnc - FP

UltraVnc remote desktop is detected as a virus

Product site: http://www.uvnc.com/
File name: winvnc.exe
Name of detection: Unclassified Malware[at]9635898
CIS database number: 1090



Automated Analysis System

File Info

* Size: 1519168
* MD5: 61a66b66f46a60842d0e40ff241b5b11
* SHA1: 66e4ed2a11ef4a4e41bc85e106a7fc895616d55a
* SHA256: 5bc6e2818fe769574990a115fae2daa5c904ff67b248c146b1133878516d13c6
* URL: /cgi-bin/submit?file=5bc6e2818fe769574990a115fae2daa5c904ff67b248c146b1133878516d13c6

Hi Petr GTW,

The reported file is an unsafe WinVNC application. It is a potentially unsafe application belonging to UltraVNC. Please add this file to your exclusion list if you really want to continue using the software.


Adding it to the exclusion list doesn’t reverse the blockied acces to the UltraVNC menu items or tray icon.
No other AV reports VNC as a virus

Hi pc-pete,

The mentioned application should be used at your own risk. If you want to use please add your file as “My Own safe files”. To do that follow the procedure given below.
[1] Open CIS Window and Navigate “Defence+”, Select “My Own Safe files”
[2] Select Add → “Browse Files” and choose files that you want to add as “My Own safe files”

-Chandra Mohan