UltraSurf: unsafe at all?

I got surprised by being warned about UltraSurf “unsafeness” (https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/submit-applications-here-to-be-whitelisted-2012-t80090.0.html;msg610097#msg610097).

Now I’m wandering: what’s the matter with UltraSurf?

Thanks and forgive my poor English.

It seems not all vendors agree on what it is or was.
Maybe they use/used Adware in the past, not sure

I do not trust UltraSurf at all. I mean at all. No better choice than Advanced Onion Router. Open source and trustworthy . Encrypted from you to the server and unencrypted from the server to the destination. Still the best free unpaid option.

Ultrasurf is the tool that illegal in some country to bypass the blocked website.
That’s why some Antivirus vendor (Especially China.) detect this tool as malware.

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