Ultra VNC and Filetransfer in Windows Network

After knowing why my first problem with Trackmania occured, I do have a couple of others. One is with Ultra VNC which I use to check on my girlfriend´s PC when she has troubles. I still can connect to her PC with Ultra VNC but I can´t use the Filetransfer anymore. Somehow that seems to be blocked.

In the firewall logs on her PC is see that my LAN Ip (192.168.x.x) is blocked. I also can´t see her in the Windows Network we had between our PC´s anymore. Her PC is not showing up there anymore.

What do I have to do in Comodo to make that work again ? I appreciate any help. :wink:
Thank you in advanced.



The easiest way is to set up a network zone that encompasses all the IPs in your LAN (including your router) and then make two rules (one for IN and one for OUT) that allow traffic to/from this zone.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thank you. Beeing new to this Firewall, I tried to do what you suggested. Not sure if that was right, because though I can now do Filetransfer with my gf´s PC with UltraVNC but within the WINDOW NETWORK i can´t even see her PC still. And she cannot access the HOME Network for whatever reasons. I did the same settings / rules on both our PCs. What did I do wrong ?



G’day again.

Your screenshots are contradictory. The left hand one shows only an IN rule, yet the right hand one shows the creation for an IN/OUT one. IMHO, you shoulod create tow rules, one for IN and one for OUT using the zone defined for your LAN. I prefer to have separate rules for IN and OUT as it can make it easier to troubleshoot.

Ewen :slight_smile:

The left is the ZONE i created for the LAN, there is no option i can see to make it as OUT. Its always IN in there, or I am blind, possible. :wink:

The second is the Rule that points then to the Zone. Yes, it is IN/OUT atm, and I know what you mean with better to separate, but the result should be the same. If its IN / OUT it should work never the less. In the Zone I added the IP Range that my router and our LAN IP´s go from → to.

I still don´t understand why we can´t see us in the WIN network and why my gf on her PC can´t even access the HOME Network (in which I can at least see myself, she can´t even access it to see herself in there!).

I am not so the Network expert, so I would be greatful if you could tell me what it is that is going wrong here.
Thank you so far, I appreciate the help. :wink:


What O/s are you using?

Do you, by chance, have one XP machine and one Vista?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Both PC´s are XP Pro. No “Asta la Vista, baby” (:LGH) (:LGH)

And I think the Problem is solved now. I had different settings / Rules than she had. I edited her´s to be the same than I had, and now it works. Windows Network, Ultra VNC and even Hamachi is fine now.

Thanks for the help. But still beeing new to Comodo I might be back with more questions. :wink:
Have a nice day.


Sorry, I should have asked you to double check that you had identically configured LAN rules on both boxes.

Feel free to come back with more questions. The only dumb question is the one thatnever gets asked, 'cause it can never get answered.

Ewen :slight_smile: