Ultimate Keylogger Pro

So I wanted to see how Comodo Internet Security would react if I installed Ultimate Keylogger Pro, To my disapointment, Comodo did nothing, not even a popup from Comodo.

Does Comodo Whitelist Keyloggers or what?

Im going to add before someone Replys, Yes Comodo is set to the T with all settings, Comodo is in Proactive Mode, and I installed another Software to see if Comodo would ask, and yes Comodo asked about the other software I installed, It just didnt ask anything when I Installed Ultimate Keylogger Pro.

This was awile ago when they had the Keylogger on Giveaway of the day, Maybe the Gotd installer spoofed the Keylogger software when I allowed it to run?


Please samples is www.Virustotal.com upload ?

Ultimate Keylogger Pro is a legitimate app. So it is more than likely whitelisted.

All KeyLoggers do not equal Malware, as some would like to think.

As you are installing it, the most I would expect would be maybe a PUP or PUA warning from the AV.


Well this isn’t cool, why Comodo would white list a tool that is considered a SPY TOOL is beyond me? Comodo should have all of these stupid Keyloggers in a list which requires a Pop-up that tells the User,

You are about to Install a Keylogger, If you did not perform these actions, Please Block this process, If you would like to Continue Please enter your Comodo Password.

I swear, I have Recommended Comodo to Hundreds if not Thousands of people, If Comodo cant even Block a stupid Spy Tool that is white-listed as Legitimate for some stupid reason, without the need to enable annoying settings, than I’m not going to Recommend Comodo to anyone else anymore Period.

Look… If I tried to install it remotely or if malware or some drive by tried to install a Malicious Keylogger the results would be VERY different.

Don’t get all twisted about it. Remember you installed it and it is by itself Not malicious.


Your true on that part, but what if someone left their machine running, and some ■■■■ girl friend or whatever friend of theirs decides to go and Install some Keylogger to spy on them, but it is their machine not the girls or whoever, wouldn’t a popup window requiring a password be more appropriate than just letting some white-listed keylogger be able to be installed by an attacker with physical access?

I’m not saying it would ever happen to me, I enable Wondershare TimeFreeze before anyone lays a finger on my machine, but others aren’t so bright. just saying, why cant Comodo cover all issues regarding Spy Tools in more of a 360 degree approach?

Well I may have been partially right/wrong…

I just tried to install the free version and I got the D+ popup that an unrecognized program wants unlimited access to my PC. Also the .exe is unsigned.
So it is not whitelisted.

So I downloaded the Pro trial and CIS AV Does not like it.
I was too busy to test and could only surmise what happened based on your description.
So how are your CIS settings?

You should get a warning as at least Unrecognized by D+ and or an AV alert with this one.


Thank you for looking into this, ok here we go

Comodo in Proactive Security Mode
D+ is in SafeMode
Execution Control Level Enabled
Treat Recognized Files is Partally Limited
all others are checked
AV is Statefull
Firewall is Custom Policy
Sandbox Enabled

It must have been my own fault for not having my D+ settings back like they should have been after I tweak so many things? I went back to Treat Recognized Files Untrusted.

I dont know why i got so upset, I know Comodo is better than that, I have not had a single virus Infect my machine since I have been using it. This is why I have been recommending it to everyone.

Have you ever used anything from Givaway Of The Day? they package the software they offer in their own installer.

Oh yea and this was back in august when I tried this when Givaway Of The Day offered UKP for free, it just bugged the ■■■■ out of me so I had to post about it…

Do you still have the GAOTD installer?
Could you upload it and share a link by PM?

I can’t currently explain or recreate what happened in August. ???

If you download the Ultimate Keylogger Pro installer from the website.
You should get AV hits like attached pics and it is definitely Not whitelisted.
As I added it to AV Exclusions and got the D+ Unknown App wants full access popup.


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