Ultimate CIS Summary Screen Wish

Hi everybody, this is a rework of the current CIS Summary Screen that I’d like to see, note that the added line with link under date beneath “The virus database was last updated on” would bring you directly to the virus log with all pertinent info on the last scan carried out (appended above previous scans carried out) and also note the Virus Statistics box info you normally only see if you’ve installed Comodo Antivirus is now in the fully installed version of
CIS (Firewall & Antivirus).
Please give your opinion of this layout :-TU or :-TD vs the actual one, thanks and much appreciated.
Cheers all :■■■■
Xman (:KWL)

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I took some of your ideas ( :-TU) and re-worked them a bit. I think it makes more sense to put the main defense info on the left (antivius, firewall, and D+). The upper right window can be used to display many types of info depending on the users preference (the arrows will allow you to switch the info displayed). In your case, the window will display antivirus statistics ;D, but other info panes may include newtork status (active connections & Network zones), status of new components (memory firewall, disk shield etc.), etc.

I also added anti-malware to the antivirus sections in anticipation of Boclean intergration into CIS!


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Hi Whoop-dee-doo, it’s perfect! Now if the boys can apply it soon… :BNC :BNC :BNC
Good work :-TU Cheers :■■■■
Xman (:KWL)

Xman : Great idea :-TU

Whoop-dee-doo : Great thought, this would really make sence :slight_smile: :-TU


Hi Xan, please make sure this “CIS Ultimate Summary Screen” gets to Melih and the Developers, use both my post and also Whoop-dee-doos’ post and especially his reworked Jpeg

Thanks alot Xan :-TU :■■■■
Xman (:KWL)

Nice work, but I would also like to see the virus signature database version ( eq 515 ).

I made some more improvements and incorporated your requests.

— database version # for antivirus/antimalware.
— last scan indicator also indicates the profile that was last scanned ( e.g. “critical areas”)
— next scheduled scan indicates the profile that will be scanned ( e.g. “critical areas”)

Second image shows an example of another info pane in the upper right.

Third image is regarding the tray icon and menu (this image has been updated since my earlier post on this topic). Tray icon menu has virus/malware real-time scanner options. The tray icon has changed to show that one of the installed modules is deactivated.

Hope this helps. I appreciate Comodo’s hard work and would like to contribute in any way I can.


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Hi Whoop, it just keeps on getting better, good work, hope the developers take this request to heart since it would really make the summary screen multifunctional as well as truly informative as it was meant to be
Regards :■■■■
Xman :-TU (:KWL)

Nice Ideas guys… This could be good when it gets touched up a bit :slight_smile:

My 2cents, If in the summary screen we were able to scroll down to view different modules.
On the right side pannel, Have tabs- When clicked on 1 of the modules it will expand and give more detail.

Such as traffic direction, Speed.
Signature update, Scanned Files, Time of last scan and what profile.
The amount of blocked events via defense+,

and in each expanded tab the ability to click on, Events, Settings, Policy.

Kyle, I love that idea! Having more tabs that expand on the right would be cool, like one that is of active connections so when you click on it it expands open to revel all the active connections. That would be a lot better than having to go to the firewall section and then viewing the active connections in the popup window. :slight_smile:

Great ideas guys. :smiley:

I wonder what Melih thinks of all these ideas. :stuck_out_tongue: