ultimate boot cd with intergration of other services outside of Comodo

Comodo could make an ultimate boot cd/usb that’s easier to use by making it to where the user could download it and put it on a cd/usb one time and enable any security scanner they want from any company in the list and then hit scan and it will scan with all the enabled engines. don’t make it complicated like ultimate boot cd for win with the iso creation, the plugins, and all that. make it user friendly and super effective

also after the user hits scan it will update all signature data bases for the enabled scanners before it starts the scan

also when the program starts it could automatically start looking for program updates and it could have a behavior blocker so it starts killing stuff right away before the user even does anything.

have extra tools that fix problems malware create by changing settings or modifying files such as the host or changing your dns or more complicated things

a video series of ultimate boot cd for win can be seen here. this is video one. - How To Remove Malware with Ultimate Boot CD for Win. Part 1 - YouTube

Comodo is currently working on Comodo Cleaning Essentials beta. An upcoming part of the project will bring a bootable CD.

thank you that’s awesome. i love how comodo is ahead of everyone. by the time you come up with something, comodo’s already working on it. comodo forever

I forgot one thing. That CD will be Linux based. I think you may be looking for a Windows base CD. Is that a correct assumption.

If you are there is UBCD4Win :slight_smile: you can just slipstream CCE :slight_smile:


Dr. Web’s rescue cd is linux based but still runs on windows. as long as the os is compatable with the hardware then that’s all that matters i believe. i may be wrong but if dr. web can do it then so can comodo. comodo will save the internet world

It’s easier to implement/build if it’s linux :slight_smile: but yes it will be able to scan files on windows and possibly other file systems :slight_smile: