Ulteo Virtual Desktop: your Linux applications on Windows

Ulteo Virtual Desktop installs a virtual Linux environment inside Windows. This free program shows up as a panel inside the Windows desktop and allows you to access Linux applications within Windows with little effect on performance, enabling users to run both Windows and Linux apps simultaneously and to switch between them at will.

For those who would like to run Linux inside Windows “Ulteo Virtual Desktop” provides a virtual Linux environment inside Windows. Ulteo is based on Debian Linux and comes pre-bundled with a wide range of Linux apps, including Firefox, OpenOffice, KPdf, Kopete, Skype, Thunderbird, Enigmail, GIMP, Digikam, Inkspace, Scribus, and many others.


Will take a look… Thanks G :-TU


Sounds cool. There’s been something called Wine for Linux to run Windows-programs (I think that’s what it does), and now we finally gets to run Linux-applications on a Windows-machine!


WINE finally reached its 1.0 version after 15 years!!!

Haven’t tried WINE in a while though…

Well we already had Virtual PC, VMware etc. I wonder if this is more like WinE (handier but less powerful emulation), or if the emulation is deep enough but it’s got Linux bundled (like DOS in DOSBox) so that you don’t have to install it as in VPC.

Anyway this isn’t very useful to me. :stuck_out_tongue: Linux’s disadvantage isn’t the OS itself but the programs. It’s understandable that many Linux users want to run Windows programs, but I don’t even know what Linux programs would I be wanting to use that aren’t available or haven’t got an equivalent in Windows. :stuck_out_tongue:

When I have a lot of free time and want to experiment with Linux (the OS itself), I’ll install it on Virtual PC. :-*

This is something kinda similar I think: http://www.colinux.org/ I have used CoLinux before so I know how well it runs: Native speeds. :smiley: It’s not through a Virtual Machine or Emulator, but more or less the Kernel is compiled to run on Windows natively or something like that. All I know is that it’s fast. I will need to check out Virtual Linux to see how it is. The best part about CoLinux is that you can choose your own Distribution, I choose Linux. :smiley: Virtual Linux is a Distribution based on Debian. I am not too fond of some of Debian’s … philosophies. So, there are differences, but the important thing is speed and expandability and compatibility. With CoLinux, I can install anything. With Virtual Linux, do I need a specially compiled program, or any .deb would do? I have a dedicated Linux machine, so I might just stick with XMing: Xming X Server for Windows - Official Website Though, it would be cool to run Linux stuff on my Laptop when I am out and about.

To the person above: Running Linux apps on Windows is a big advantage. There are many people out there that do not know much about Linux and are “hardwired” to using Windows, so to speak (tried to use a pun :P). They can use a Linux app in a familiar environment until they are use to the differences, and then move on to a full Linux system. Running Linux apps also helps reduce the risk of certain types of virii/malware. Which is a big advantage if you are part of a business and cannot run the risk of any data leak at all. Plus this just has “coolness” factor. What geek can pass that up? hehe. ;D

I use Linux and have used WINE 1.0. It’s not much improved (to me) over the previous few versions but it can run a few things that I want (evernote, for instance.) I will definitely take a look at this find Gibran, thanks a lot. I can think of a few apps. off hand I’d like to run in a Windows environment.

Also, virtual box itself is another VMWare or Virtual PC, just to add to the list. Japo, you should definitely experiment with it, just so you have tried it. It’s got quite a different feel I think. I use it on a regular basis depending on my mood.

DO NOT use Virtual PC. Use VirtualBox or VMware Server instead.

Microsoft’s Virtual PC doesn’t like Linux very much, and its difficult to set Linux up as a guestOS with this solution. (pretty much guaranteed to fail with Virtual PC).

VirtualBox is much smoother.

+1. I like this VB very much :wink:


I’m using VirtualBox right now on Windows Vista to run Windows XP Pro, and it works great. I have the latest version. It’s fast, stable, and very small on resources. :smiley: It’s pack with loads of features. VMWare Server 2.0 takes about 400 to 500 megs to install it. :expressionless: VirtualBox is only like 50. VirtualBox is great for testing apps and then looking to see what damage they did. I use total uninstall to see all the changes. It’s very handy.


I am using LinuxMint, Ubuntu 9 on steroids, will comodo work, i find no help on the internet, this is my last hope. I am not having any problems with LinuxMint, and I want to keep it that way… reply to wb7wvo@yahoo.com if you want directly.

CIS or other Comodo products won’t work on Linux…only meant for Windows.