UK VPN Server

Is this no longer, seems to have a huge impact from users from UK, used to have it set to Edinborough all the time… but now only choice for me is the two US offerings.

Can someone from Comodo explain why this has happened, thanks…

I reverted the all caps title to regular case

Have since noticed that the version I was using was 1.0… this is due to me taking CIS off the laptop because rest of my family sometime use it. And this is the main computer I do my downloads on… as well as use internet cafe etc.

Anyway, since downloading and installing the latest version, it seems not to not even connect, and no longer has the option within ‘Advanced Options’ to choose which Server the program will connect to, just Auto and Allow Proxy.

Any help on this issue please guys? :slight_smile:

They are migrating to anycast servers so it should use the server closest to you.
Can you verify which IP it connects and then do a traceroute to see where it goes?

Ah they are in migration stage, no worries… will try and try until it does connect and in turn will provide you with the info you requested Ronny.

When was on the older version 1.0 it was atlan… (sorry cannot remember as not from USA and never been good with places hehe)

Yesterday we had a temporarily problems with access servers in the UK datacenter. Now “” is available.