UID in configuration file & rules existing at config panel level not recognized


Can someone please advise about the origin (on what basis it is created) and meaning of UID (apparently User Identification Digit) present in Comodo Firewall rules backup script and part of the rules discrimination logic?
It is something totally transparent to the config panel level so there can be identical rules in terms of config panel level which are discriminated by the firewall engine according to this UID value (you can only see it saving the config script).
Not a very good config panel behavior!

Is there any way to use a general wildcard * UID or to disable rules discrimination based on this UID field value?

As a result of this behavior rules seen at config panel level can go unfired just because they seem to have the wrong UID (or you can end up storing an endless number of apparently identical rules).

(It is a problem already reported to one of the Comodo guys, Radahagast or something, … time ago, discarded as unimportant and not solved to present version … I am trying to reverse engineer my configuration to see if I can find a patch myself).

Thank you