Uhm... what? ._.


I today found this in my trusted files list… it claims it’s a file path… but… ??? Does anyone know what it says… if it even says anything that is?

The file did not exist anymore and the entry was removed when I did a purge…

I’m thinking it must have been some sort of corruption?

Edit: And apparently there is an entry above it without a file path at all? And apparently they reappear even after purge…
I added one of the files to the unrecognized files list and that’s the second image.

Edit 2: I was going to post the file path here but the forum claims the message body is empty whenever I try… made a pastebin here though: what? - Pastebin.com

Edit 3: Fairly certain it was a database corruption that got worse by time. I restored an image from ~1 week ago and there was a blank entry but no the gibberish entry, all images from within the week has had the entry with the gibberish. I tried removing the trusted.db and so far neither of them are back.
I’ve attached a zipped up copy of the ‘faulty’ trusted.db, if anyone that was more knowledge about this wants to take a look and tell me if there was something wrong with it? ???


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