uh, what happened to my firewall?

I have had comodo personal firewall installed and configured for some time. I had a TON of policies set. I decided to install comodo ant-virus with it. uhm, I am kind of upset… it seems to have uninstalled the firewall completely without ANY warning? Unacceptable. Please kindly tell me how I can recover all my firewall settings… and there seems to be NO firewall at all in this version… AT the very LEAST I should have been warned of this… What can I do about it? Thanks.

how did you install the AV.

download and install from your link… I found the firewall in this version but it doesn’t seem to have retained any of the policies… Is there a way to retrieve the old policies somwhow? at least see them so I can reinput? Thank you for your rapid assistance.

go to the control panel and see what components comodo has installed.

Normally if you already have the firewall installed and you want to add the AV you go to control panel select Comodo internet security, when the installer comes up there is a change option from there you can add the AV.

I already installed the av using your download link… the firewall no longer shows up in the control panel, the only thing showing now is dragon and anti-virus

FYI, I have file by file backups of almost everything in multiple locations. These backups run continually tho so if there may be some files that would have the settings I need to know quick so I can look for them… any ideas?

One last aside, this was the free version of the AV

it looks like you installed the AV over your previous install so it sounds like your config might be gone. Try going into the advanced settings then go to configuration. See if there are 3 or 4 configs there. if theres 3 then it probably got deleted if theres 4 your config probably got saved

Hi Steviebone, just to add to wasgij6s reply.
Not forgetting you will need to add the FW back, running the AV installer will remove the FW by default.
Switching Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)

so… as I stated I may have a config file saved in a backup… can someone tell what filename to look for? and where it might have been located?

I have six… 3 standard and 3 with some sort of nondescriptive stamp after their name, I assume these are the stored/saved configs?

Thanks for the help.

Thank you, problem solved… The configurations were all saved. Thanks to those here who pointed me to this important feature. Thanks again.

im glad all your settings were saved. to prevent this sort of mistake from happening in the future i have created a new wish to have the installer check if comodo firewall/av is installed. if it is then tell the user the proper way to add additional components. hopefully this will be added so there isnt any confusion