Ugly buttons on CAV detection messages

Yellow circles mark the spots. Looks like someone forgot to mark edges with transparency.
Small glitch but looks VERY ugly. CIS is full of such stuff that never seems to be fixed.
So what if it’s small glitch? It requires just as much time to fix it. Almost none.
But can change the overall product look and feel and gives confidence to users that developers care about everything, not just main things.

Agreed, Comodo shouldn’t just focus on the big bugs. Sure, the big ones should get priority, that ones like these shouldn’t be ignored.

+1 :-TU

Beanie :slight_smile:

Actually, I thought these corner pieces gave the buttons character (better than a simple rectangle button). It is not a bug, it is not an operational issue. It is not even a GUI issue. It is simply a button with the corners beveled in.
Why are you focusing on something like this anyhow?

You’re kidding right? :o And no, i know GUI designs good enough that i know those corners don’t belong anywhere and they aren’t by design either. If they are too lazy to fix the actual transparency they can just paint them in the same red color as the background behind buttons so they visually blend in, even though corners would still be there. Just not sticking out like they don’t belong there. That would take one minute at most to a completelly unexperienced artist using MS Paint. Such things could be easily fixed between each program update. If they don’t have time, hell i can re-brush such stuff for them.

See, thats the difference between me and most of the Comodo community.
You ppl are ok with everything way too fast. I’m not. Thats why i notice things like this. And want them fixed.
Do you see such things in competitor’s products? I don’t. Be it free or payable.


Looks a lot difefrent doesn’t it?

I like RejZoR’s improved version. :-TU


Agreed :-TU

To be honest, I never even noticed the corners… 88)

I do have some DSP effects gear that have actual hardware buttons designed like this. The button itself is square, yet the raised beveled portion of the button (that you push to access the menu system) is elliptical. So it does seem obvious to me that at least some people consider this a valid design decision.

You can see what I mean here. Eventide - H7600 Look at the buttons below the display.


Even if thes ebuttons have 3 states (normal, hover and click), it would take nearly zero time to paint those corners. Good thing about these things is that chance for breaking this one and causing new bugs is zero. So takes no time to fix and doesn’t require extra testing. So i’m expecting this fix for 3.9

+1 :-TU
They’ve been fine for me till v3.8, now the buttons look a bit like the rogue av’s :-[