UDP traffic: source port = 1024+ destination port = 137

I wonder if some bad guys are trying to compromise my system :P0l
Every other minute I get a connection like this:
Application = System
Protocol = UDP
Source IP = = my router
Source port = 1024+ (e.g. 4508)
Destination IP = 192.168.xxx.xxx = my PC
Destination port = 137
Source port number changes upwards for each connection attempt, e.g. 4508, 4511, 4516, 4522, 4527 etc. Am I in danger? If not, I would still like to know what this heavy traffic is all about? I guess it’s a resource hawk!?

I have the same thing, all the time.
And what’s w/ System connecting all the time too? UDP, IP, TCP?

Hello! (:WAV)

Was my question to tough - even for Comodo professionals? :THNK

(CLY) - hmm, is that a fact?