UDP port scan from router

I just read a post from a month ago from someone with a router being flagged for doing a “port scan”. I just started using COMODO and right away I started getting cut off from the internet by COMOD.
Looking at the log entry, My router ( sent about 50 UDP packets to what appears to be a random list of ports rangint between 1500 and 2200 but also with a string of port zero’s at the end.
First off, why does COMODO pay attention to this traffic since I have told COMODO that my home network is a trusted zone. (
Second, anyone know why my router might be behaving this way? Could this be an actual attack from the outside and the port numbers I am seening are actually the ports that my NAT router has translated?
I have a Westell DSL modem/router combination. I think it has some portscan rules of it’s own. Will have to look into it further.