UDP Port Export?

I just switched from BalckIce to Commodo (BlackIce is being discontinued).
The first alarm I saw when comodo was setting up was “svhost wishes to export to the Internet through UDP port” or something very similar. I wasn’t on the Internet (dialup) so didn’t pay much attention to this and selected Allow.
Now I am concerned if I did so correctly. Was BI allowing something it shouldn’t have? should i go back into Commodo and change allowance? Where would i go to do so?

Sorry very fresh with Commodo

Shouldn’t be a problem; svchost is a trusted Microsoft program used by many applications, and outgoing UDPs are usually not harmful. Guess is that since you were not online, something in your system was sending out a DHCP broadcast (UDP to port 67 IP to try and get an internet connection or something similar.

Thanks for the prompt reply. I won’t be concerned.
Perhaps was BI telling home I had uninstalled or something else.
Glad to be aboard.