UDP Port 20129?


I noticed that one certain workstation does a lot of UDP transmission(s) to port 20129, to various computers in the Internet.

I tried searching information about port 20129 to no avail.

Can someone tell me what that port is about? :huh:

Thanks for the information.

Hmmm… anyone?

What is the destination IP recorded in your logs?


It’s Orbit Downloader’s P2P network.

A bit aggressive if you ask me…

@Avatar: Ahhh, thanks for the pointer.

Yes, I do use Orbit Downloader; very powerful – and free! Just like my beloved Comodo Firewall :slight_smile:

Never watched what ports it use :blush:

Anyway, no security complaints from me. Just curiosity.

Thanks to all who reply! (:CLP)

The P2P component can be disabled in options with no adverse effects as its primary use is as a downloader which it does very well also as pepoluan states it is free.