UDP listening not listed in active connections - is this normal?

I’ve noticed that applications that listen to UDP ports aren’t listed in Active Connections for whatever reason. I have several TCP-listening apps including FTP and everything appears normal under AC, I see a TCP connection that says “Listening on:port#”. But when an UDP-exclusive app, such as Halo 1, listens to an UDP port, I don’t see the listening port in the list. I can see all other active UDP connections made between machines, both out and in, but I never see an UDP “Listening on:port#” in the list. Is this normal?

I initially wanted to file this as a full-fledged bug report, but since it’s something so obvious I’d rather first see if this is known or has been addressed before, or if it’s in any way normal due to some sort of inherent nature of UDP. I was not able to find a thread though.

Is this OK in version 6, Searingox?

If you open an elevated command prompt and type:

netstat -a

You’ll see a similar listing as that in Active Connections. What you’ll also notice is that TCP ports display a listening state whereas UDP ports do not. This is just something that’s inherent in the protocol specifications.