UDP IN without a rule?

I set up several firewall rules last night and a friend of mine got online to help me test them. While setting up, before the testing even started, I noticed an incoming UDP that seems to have gained access without a matching rule? Am I missing something or did this udp get in “legally”?

The questional IP was 69.145.x.x. My IP is 69.136.x.x. My friends IP is the 24.28.x.x addy. The “access granted” incoming IP 69.145.x.x is not a trusted IP or in any zone. The destination port is used by a game server that I sometimes run, but how did it get access granted? The game application has never been run under Comodo PF and is not in any application rule.


OK, it’s been about 5 days without any ideas.

I will assume that the packet made it past the rule because the packet came in at about the same time i was moving the rule to the top position (right after it was made).

Subsequent tests show that particular rule working ok.

I’ll think of it as a “parsing choke”… ;D.