UDP Flood Attack, need some help/oppinions

Ok, so, yeah, I’m a newbie on the forums here. I’m an IT in the US Navy. I need some help both understanding this and getting just info on this software. I’ve heard many times that comodo is one of the best. we’ve even had some labs to get our Security+ Certification and if someone uses comodo no one can get into the box. so, i figured i’d give it a shot. it’s doing a darn good job. unfortunately…I’m under a constant UDP attack. It’s kinda my fault actually, because i connected to a wireless router that didn’t have a pass on it for free wifi, i’m beginning to think it’s just a rogue router. ok, i’m cool with that, if they actually try to attack me i should be able to fend them off. i’m getting my own internet soon, but i want the best stuff to keep me completely anonymous once i get it, i don’t want my ip anywhere.

So, here’s what i got so far:

Comodo Firewall (free version)
Spybot Search and Destroy
Spyware Blaster

So, here’s what i’m trying to do. first of all, i’ve got a UDP attack on my hands, i kinda wanna get it away with. Comodo reports, and this is just TODAY only, 2500 firewall events.

so, any ideas?

Hi there and welcome to the forums.

Are those “attacks” probes on UDP ports 137 / 138 and or 1027 ?