Ubuntu 9.10 YAY!

Finally got it working!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Why is Ubuntu and Linux so good?

I have seem some charts were windows is getting less famous and Linux is taking the trophy but why?

Does anyone know of a good antivirus for Ubuntu?

i want to install something that i dont need to do the following command in terminal:

-sudo rtm /user/share/applications/{application Name}/ run

but if there is none i wont mind :slight_smile:

You don’t NEED one! That’s one of the greatest things using Linux.

… because Windows is so bad ;D. Seriously, no need to keep rebooting system (only during kernel updates or installing graphics driver), package and update management (no need to browse the internet for software or updates), secure (no need for antivirus) and runs well on older hardware.


And if your hardware works out of the box - it’s fantastic. No need for printer drivers that are huge and full of bloatware, no need for network drivers. Just awesome.

Dual-boot is the way to go. Linux for net browsing and work, Windows for games and apps that don’t run on Linux or run poorly trough Wine.

Why limit yourself? :slight_smile:

Also, a huge plus is that most distro’s have a live cd so you can try before installing. I used to be a Ubuntu fan but have since moved onto Kubuntu. KDE 4.4.0 … Nice!!!


KDE 88) It’s getting there, but still too buggy, heavy and not too fast. Just sayin’ :slight_smile:

Really? I found versions prior to 4.2.0 buggy but running really well on my old’ish hardware (1.2 GHz and 2.0 Ghz systems with 1GB ram). I hardly use Gnome at all but that will change with 3.0.


I used to use stripped KDE when I was running Arch Linux :slight_smile: It was okay. Wasn’t comfortartable for me though.

i know but IM ALWAYS CAREFUL!! lol

Antivirus for Ubuntu: Bitefender

oO(I wonder if Comodo will ever do a A/V that works with linux also?)Oo

i dont know…but that would be awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

I much prefer Xfce, particularly the Mint variety. With any luck the new version will be out in a few days.

One of the main reasons I don’t like the gnome or kde versions of ubuntu and its offshoots, is the inclusion of pulseaudio in the base. It’s a really nasty, bug ridden piece of software that does nothing to enhance linux audio. Give me alsa or oss4 anyday.

Of the kde distros I’ve tried, i thought opensuse was the best, but to my mind kde is still the vista of linux

Anyone know of a way to make CIS work on Ubuntu? ;D

Old remembrances 8)
Returned to XP after running Ubuntu for months

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx has been released!

Download it and try it!

More info on what’s new in this release here: