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uBlock Origin

BEWARE! uBlock Origin is COMPLETELY UNRELATED to the web site ublock.org**

uBlock Origin is NOT an “ad blocker”: it is a wide-spectrum blocker – which happens to be able to function as a mere “ad blocker”.
The default behavior of uBlock Origin when newly installed is to block ads, trackers and malware sites – through EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Peter Lowe’s ad/tracking/malware servers, various lists of malware sites, and uBlock Origin’s own filter lists.

uBlock Origin (or uBlock₀) is not an ad blocker; it’s a general-purpose blocker. uBlock₀ blocks ads through its support of the Adblock Plus filter syntax. uBlock₀ extends the syntax and is designed to work with custom rules and filters. Furthermore, advanced mode allows uBlock₀ to work in default-deny mode, which mode will cause all 3rd-party network requests to be blocked by default, unless allowed by the user.

That said, it’s important to note that using a blocker is NOT theft. Don’t fall for this creepy idea. The ultimate logical consequence of blocking = theft is the criminalisation of the inalienable right to privacy.

Ads, “unintrusive” or not, are just the visible portions of privacy-invading apparatus entering your browser when you visit most sites nowadays. uBlock₀’s main goal is to help users neutralize such privacy-invading apparatus — in a way that welcomes those users who don’t wish to use more technical, involved means (such as µMatrix).

EasyList, Peter Lowe’s Adservers, EasyPrivacy and Malware domains are enabled by default when you install uBlock₀. Many more lists are readily available to block trackers, analytics, and more. Hosts files are also supported.

Once you install uBlock₀, you may easily un-select any of the pre-selected filter lists if you think uBlock₀ blocks too much. For reference, Adblock Plus installs with only EasyList enabled by default.

Dynamic filtering: default deny

Default-deny is an awesome blocking mode for whoever agrees that in general most 3rd-party resources from web pages:

are not really all required
increase privacy exposure
Strictly speaking, default-deny means to block everything and let the user choose what should not be blocked. This strictest mode of default-deny is impractical though, as this means that most web pages would be broken, and more than likely most users would not make use if it.

With uBlock it is possible to use more relax (and thus practical) versions of default-deny: default-deny 3rd-party resources (stricter), or default-deny 3rd-party scripts/frames (more relax).

For more: Dynamic filtering: default deny · gorhill/uBlock Wiki · GitHub


Hi Yigido,

Basically your saying Ublock is not good and not to use it ?

I Have Opera, and when I am best using is the build in Adblocker with added lists from Filterlist from Easy list ?

If so, then I can do that. once thing I notice you can add disconnect lists to Ublock, without having Disconnect installed as extension.

So get back to me when you can with a clear answer what I should do.

Nigel .

Lets go step-by-step

1 - If you are using uBlock, please switch to uBlock Origin.
2 - Opera’s built in adblocker uses Easylist & EasyPrivacy by default.
3 - uBlock Origin is most advanced blocker and it comes with many 3rd party filters that you can enable.
uBlock Origin uses EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Peter Lowe’s ad/tracking/malware servers, various lists of malware sites and uBlock Origin’s own filter lists.

4 - Yes, you can enable Disconnects Basic Filters in uBlock Origin settings.

I can suggest uBlock Origin to everyone, my suggested filters are,
uBlock Origin’s default filter
Fanboy Enhanced Tracking List (it can create false blockings and break sites)
Fanboy’s Annoyances (wil block social buttons, useless popups and page bugs)

and you are all set.
If you want more & more blocking… remember! Using too much filter lists may slow down your surfings.
and maybe you can find useful list for yourself: https://filterlists.com/

It is all up to you :slight_smile:

Many thanks yigido.

  1. I have Ublock Origin already and, that is the only one shown in the Opera store.

  2. Since Opera has build in Easylist and Easyprivacy I can disable them in Ublock Origin and just use Opera Build in Ad blocker due to running the same lists.

  3. I already have default settings for Ublock Origin (But I will add your suggested filters as named)

  4. If I find any filterlist addresses I will add to the bottom of Ublock Origin in the Custom section under Examples.

So basically I had everything already set apart from the odd tweak then I will be sorted. I did have set for Advance User, to see more, but I have returned to default.

Many thanks again


for your number 2,
If I were you, I will disable Opera’s adblocker and I will only use uBlock Origin with my suggested filters.
please update your signature :slight_smile: ublock > uBlock Origin (these 2 are different extensions :wink: )

O thanks, O yeah will do :slight_smile:

Update all fixed and Opera Built in Ad Blocker unchecked thanks.