I thought they would improve UAC in Vista SP1 quote from Betanews.
With SP1, a new Group Policy Object (GPO) called “Allow UAccess” gives an administrator a way to exempt specified applications from having to prompt for admin privileges. There’s a convenience-oriented reason for this feature, the change log explains: “This allows a remote helper to enter administrative credentials during a Remote Assistance session.”
But on looking further I found you will be able to access GPO only by Remote Assistance local access has been denied in SP1 quote below from overview Vista SP1.
In addition to these changes, Windows Vista SP1 will change the tools that customers use to manage Group Policy. Administrators requested features in Group Policy that simplify policy management. To do this, the service pack will uninstall the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) and GPEdit.msc will edit local Group Policy by default. In the SP1 timeframe, administrators can download an out-of-band release that will give them the ability to add comments to Group Policy Objects (GPOs) or individual settings and search for specific settings.

Note: Users will find that after installing Windows Vista SP1, they no longer have access to GPMC, and that the new, enhanced version of GPMC has not yet been released. In this case, administrators can continue to edit Group Policy by opening a remote desktop session directly to the server or to a PC running the release to manufacturing (RTM) version of Windows Vista.

It is not surprising UAC causes so many problems. :frowning:
Will we be able to still turn UAC off after SP1?

If we couldn’t turn off UAC then we just remove it all together (:WIN)