UAC on or UAC off ?

I have seen from several posts that some users switch the UAC off when running CIS 6
whats recommended ? and does anyone have any pros and cons
thanks in advance

I don’t see a need why you need to switch off the UAC for CIS. I recommend to keep it on at all times. Most of them disable the UAC because CIS HIPS does the job for it.

I disagree you must use both. Simple.

I disagree you must use both. Simple.

This has always been my way of thinking also
I have read some where that turning UAC off turns off more than just the alerts therefore lessening the protection ? I don’t use IE

In V.6 with HIPS not as “vocal” do I lose any security/control if I turn the UAC off ?

It really depends on what account are you using daily as admin or standard user? It’s a hot topic about the UAC. Many would argue that the UAC is not there for protection apart from IE it’s just there for user awareness about what programs can modify and change your system. But if you run standard user account with the UAC that’s really where the protection comes in as you need admin access. Also with admins it gives you notifications still if you turn this on. I mean it’s really just made for better control and making you think twice before you run something. In CIS 6 you can make HIPS more vocal if you want but by default due to BB on and HIPS being off you are correct. If you turn the UAC off you don’t lose any security (apart form the IE protection and standard user access to system files) because your decision is what counts but general control for your programs which are not notified by CIS yes. It’s a hard one. But better off using both.

There is a simple answer to this: Do NOT turn it off. Period!

i always turn it off. it hasnt helped me in any situation and for clients computers i still turn it off cuz they will always click allow so it is useless IMO comodo is plenty protection for me and havent been infected in years

Personally I turn it off, but some may want to leave it on.

I turn it off. It will ask the same question over and over ad nauseum ad infinitum. I have CIS not to use UAC. …

Agreed, just like a scratched record (For those old enough to remember). :wink:

I’ve had it turned off since it made it’s first appearance. For me, it serves no purpose, but if you feel ‘safer’ with it enabled, leave as is.

In my understanding, UAC does more than prompt you for special operations. If you run as administrator, it drops your rights to the level of a normal user without having to create another account. So softwares ran under admin account have only the rights of a normal user when UAC is on.

Glad to see you back Radaghast.

You are absolutely right! UAC is not only a dialog that prompts you to confirm any potential harmful operation, its much more in detail and under the hood. It is a powerful architecture to protect and secure your operating system against possible security attacks and breaches. For those who need a closer look what exactly UAC is, i recommend to read this articles. Some include developer stuff, but they are pretty easy to understand for non-developers as well:

Running the OS with UAC enabled and CIS together makes the OS very hardened and close to rock solid against “bad intended” software,… :wink:



I have CIS 6 installed with default settings & no other realtime protection.

I too keep UAC off coz I think I dont need it with CIS installed & it just asks to allow/block something which average users dont understand & this system is used by 3-4 average users.

Now CIS 6 with defaults is excellent protection for average users with no popups.

I don’t use UAC either. If it would remember my answers I would use it but having to allow the same programs constantly is too much of an annoyance for me. Comodo is an excellent substitute in my opinion.

Good read about the UAC:

Thanks for all responses and links
I have learnt a lot
I’m still a bit on the fence… I’m leaning towards switching the UAC off as I’m the only user of this machine and I’m confident CIS 6 can cover the slack, especially with virtual browsers
I’m gonna try switching it off for a few days and see if it feels “right”

A long time back I was a little reluctant at first, but once I decided to disable it I almost forget it ever existed. :wink:

I consider UAC as a necessary layer of protection. I always have it on at max.

Same here. +1 :slight_smile:

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