UAC ON/OFF with CIS 5 Suite Installed??

I am planning to install CIS 5 Suite on my bro’s Win Vista & 7 Home Premium 64 Bits. should I keep the UAC ON or OFF?? I think with CIS 5 Suite there is no need of UAC. Wot say…??


UAC of Vista is very abusive so I think you can disable it. I have UAC enabled with my Windows 7 but it was much improved since VISTA. Anyway my personal opinion it does not add you any level of protection because most of people automatically allow all :wink:

I installed CIS 5 on my Win7 x64, and I disabled Windows Firewall, Windows Defender and UAC.
CIS manages all that stuff.

OK Thanxx replying frds. I will keep the UAC disabled.


Just a word concerning UAC. If you use Internet Explorer 8 in windows 7 turning off UAC will also disable protected mode which can help with ActiveX based stuff!

Personally i don`t find it that annoying on 7 when left at default setting.


Thanxx for the info. So any compatibility or conflicting or any issues between CIS 5 & Vista & 7 UAC.

If you are installing CIS 5 on Windows Vista, you do not need to disable UAC. However, the CIS 5 user interface will be blank. therefore, to view the User Interface, you have to disable UAC, restart the computer. This is a Glitch in CIS 5, I do not know if Comodo discovered it.

I know this. I guess it was your post only, right?? I read this in other thread in the forum here & replied.

I had high hopes for an improvement in UAC over the one in Vista, but the UAC in Win 7 was still a great disappointment so I disabled it and use Comodo D+ and Auto-Sandboxing instead.