U3 uninstaller alarms?

Has anyone used the U3 uninstaller with BOC active? I get an alarm for DRP-AGENT.SRB when I start it. I can only guess that as that program deletes a partition on a flash drive, BOC is warning about the danger.

I got the file from the U3 site…

I would say you are right about that .
If you got the file from the official site it’s clean .
btw : did you know that you can replace the U3 launchpad with
one that supports “normal” portable applications, f.ex John T Haller’s from
www.portableapps.com ?
more info here : http://usb.smithtech.us/projects/autolauncher4u3.php

I haven’t really cared about booting apps from a flash drive cause I nearly always have my laptop with me. If I did, I would be much more likely to use some other implementation than U3s…