u torrent and comodo firewall

i havnt configured my firewall with utorrent as sugested here in the forums.at the moment im not sure there is a point.Ive just allowed utorrent in the trusted apps.and it works fine…i also use peerguardian to block ips…so can some1 please enlighten me as to y we would need to take half an hour or more configuring comodo firewall as suggested here.
just to add comodo still blocks hundreds of ips whilst running u torrent at good download speeds.



In utorrent do you show as connectible?

Green check mark at bottom or yellow triangle.

I saw your logs earlier and most of those blocks were aimed at 1 particular port.
I would guess that is your configured listening port in utorrent.
Your speeds are much better when you are not leeching.

I think you would solve a number of issues at once by following one of the guides.
The one you linked or my own. From this thread.
Just reading the thread should be a little enlightening.



You could probably have utorrent as trusted, thou not advised, the risk of utorrent is usually that you download something nasty, not that someone exploit a hole.

The guide posted by pandlouk is aimed to help you run utorrent in the safest manner while keeping all functions alive. Its safer that way then to add it to trusted, thats why you might want to run it as pandlouk suggest.

As far as i know the guide is helpful in that it only allows connections to be made on ports above 1024(priveliged ports) thereby blocking the more vulnerable ports