Typo in the Training Mode


I’ve found a typo in the Training Mode under the Defense+ Settings, it’s odd that no one reported it yet.


As you can see on the screenshot the “in the” words are doubled and also, it should be “every actions that are” OR “every action that is … is learnt”

EDIT: I just noticed, that the “action” and “are” cases occur in all the Security Levels…




It’s not really a bug, but you’re right about it being incorrect grammar.

I am
You are
He/she/it is

We are
You are
They are

In this case, we’re talking about it (the action). So it should be action is or actions are. I myself would prefer All of the actions are allowed instead of Every action is allowed. Every actions are allowed sounds pretty strange to me.
I’m not 100% sure about English grammar, so I might in fact be completely wrong.

Well, my English isn’t perfect, so I’m also not sure about that.
But if I would come to choose between these two “forms”, I would pick the All of the actions are allowed as well.
By the way, I have moved the screenshots to ImageShack, so you should see them now.

I moved the thread, since it’s not really a bug, but a typo.