/type entirereg not working as expected

Running backup with the command line:

“C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO BackUp\CBU.EXE” /backup_operation /type entirereg /destinationtype destinationtypediskfile /destinationpath “X:\Backups\Hugo\backup_full_cReg.cbu” /backup_type full /log_file “X:\Backups\Hugo\test.log” /log_method “create”

results in no errors, but a backup_full_cReg.cbu file of only 2.43 kB. According to the log file, the uncompressed size is even 105 bytes. This is suspiciously small, a previous version of Comodo Backup (might have been version 2, can’t be sure anymore) produced files of about 20 kB.

Log file says:

18.12.2011 12:47:04 Initializing Registry Hives Backup…
18.12.2011 12:47:04 Creating a new backup file…
18.12.2011 12:47:04 Deleting fulls, incrementals and differentials which have as base backup(s) X:\Backups\Hugo\backup_full_cReg.cbu
18.12.2011 12:47:04 Performing deletion…
18.12.2011 12:47:04 Deleting backup X:\Backups\Hugo\backup_full_cReg.cbu
18.12.2011 12:47:04 Cleanup done!

18.12.2011 12:47:04 Creating full backup “X:\Backups\Hugo\backup_full_cReg.cbu”
18.12.2011 12:47:04 Starting registry hives backup…
18.12.2011 12:47:04 Registry hives backup finished.
18.12.2011 12:47:04 Closing backup…
18.12.2011 12:47:05 Size compressed is 2.43 KB, size uncompressed is 105 B.

It seems to me something is not right…

In version 2.x, “entirereg” backup was a different type of backup.
Starting with version 3.0, this command is no longer supported.

Instead you can use files and directories backup and specify registry files to backup.
You can use the export button in backup step 3, after you select the registry files option in step 1, to avoid having to manually type the path to each registry file.



By the way, maybe you should update the online help, and maybe report an unrecognised option in CBU if you use an unsupported option.

Yes, we will update the user-guide and CBU will treat this as unrecognized option.