(type 8)/type 3) (code 0) attacks. What did they try to do ?

(:NRD) OK… let’s start…

everyday, my CFP pro 3 on vista 32 has blocked thousands (yeah thousands) of intrusion from my LAN to my beloved PC :D… I have to say that CFP 3 is the great firewall on earth :smiley:

As i checked what the attacker were doing, i found these :

source IP : 192.168.x.x
source port: (type 8 )
destination port : (code 0)

outside LAN :
source IP : 202.58.xxx.xxxx
source port : (type 3 )
destination port : (code 3)

Question is… what were they trying to do ?
Thanks. any help would be appreciated.

The first one is your router (or LAN) pinging your computer, probably checking to see if you are still there.
The second one is a report that a destination you tried to access is unreachable.

You can find the definitions for the ICMP messages at
They are probably to Windows Operating System, (WOS) and you can get rid of the messages (assumring your network is woking OK without them) by making rules to block and not log them under WOS. :slight_smile:

Thx for your assistance :slight_smile:

Also squiddy,have you been into your router menu.Type 192.168.X.X into your address bar.First of change the password from probably admin/nothing.Try turning off upnp in the settings or you can also assign your comp its own specific IP if your router gives you an IP by DHCP.Also you can disable allow WAN ping.


thx for the advice. i will do them as soon as possible except for changing the router password becouse i don’t heve enough privilage to do so.