Two well known product sites not being verified.

I went on to Eset Nod UK site to buy their AV and they are not verified by Verification Engine. Their certificate seemed okay to me, surely the reading must be in error. Another site that got the same negative result this week was Acronis, I have their True Image software. Thanks for looking at this,


hi Dave

thanks for that…
we have a post where you can give us the domains for which you want us to validate…
here is the post,69.0.html


Thanks for the reply Melih, I hadn’t seen that thread.


NP Dave…



Will Comodo TrustLogo sites automatically be validated by vEngine at some point? Also, as I go about SEO, should I also consider “SVO” and look into all the validation/verification services/tools out thar in the hinterwebs?

as long as original logos are used, then yes.

SVO will be the future… not too distant future!! You are a visionary to think that too… welldone!


Okay, thank you. Guess I will have to figure out how to prevent the real Comodo logo from overlapping the shopping cart “buy” link when a few of our important Mac users visit the site in “default” browser mode.

Ah, good, anywhere in the future is better than now since my plate is a little too full as it is. So I’ve got this forum bookmarked in my “follow-up” folder.


And well done, I commend you on your interactivity with users beyond the CEO’s Corner thread.

thank you.

btw: if you have an ecommerce site, i would strongly recommend service we launched. its a free service and will give your potential customers more visibility about you and your operations.



Reason: Out-Dated post.