Two weird things...

First one is the Component Monitor. I’ve set few rules when applications were executed but Component Monitor list is still blank (using Learning Mode). Now from what i understand components should be added to list as soon as i create rules for them. But they don’t.

I had to log on and log off in order to activate this feature. Shouldn’t it be working right away?

Second thing is kinda weird Parent control. It said that WGATray.exe (that windows anti piracy thing) tries to contact through services.exe using svchost.exe (don’t ask how this scenario happened it just asked me this way). Fine i said block it. And then bunch of stuff simply stopped because CPF simply blocked everything that goes through svchost.exe using services.exe as parent. Kinda weird. Though i think it might be related with the first problem (no Component Monitor rules…). Using CPF

Good thing it poped up again so i made a screenshot:

So if i click Allow it will alow to connect this ■■■■ and if i click Deny everything that is connecting to net using services.exe as parent threough svchost.exe will simply fail because it’s blocked.
Kinda weird scenario really…

Can’t help on the first thing, I’m going through my own learning curve. I just came over from Zone Alarm Pro and it would alert on wgatray.exe too. But I could just deny and that was that. Sometimes I would deny, other times I would allow. Never saw any difference. That wgatray really bugs me because it is something else slowing down start up. I don’t understand Microsoft’s intent. Once a system is authenticated, why do they need to run code in memory or whatever it is doing.

I just tried to do a screen shot, didn’t work. I brought up the screen did an Alt-Print Scrn then went back to the forum and rightclicked, Paste was greyed out. How did you do it?

When in Learning Mode, you need to Refresh to see which components are learnt. When you add a rule with Component Monitor->Add, you will see your rules immediately added. Dont forget to press Apply button though.
In Learning mode, learnt components are saved periodically. So you may need to wait for some time to see the components automtically learnt.


The type of popup you are going to see for WgaTray.exe is related to how it connects to the internet. According to our users’ experiences, it sometimes connects directly, sometimes connects by using svchost.exe. In my PC, it connects directly.

What you observe is not weird. When you deny ann applications network access, it will remain denied untill it is restarted.


Hi, one way of posting a screenshot, after alt / prt scr open ms paint program >click edit>save as png,jpeg ect. Then when you post reply click "Additional Options"at the bottom of posting>attachments. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I was hoping to find easier way than paste into another app. Usually use Word, hadn’t thought about Paint. Good tip.

Ehhh… I tried also to put picture in, but it appears only as attachment, not in text. How did you do that rejzor?

Hey Zoran,

If you do a right click on the image and select properties you’ll see that the image is hosted at imageshack. you can apparently only insert an image into a posting by URL. This makes sense in keeping the size of postings down.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks! I understand now. / Zoran