Two unknow programs

Hi i use that programs on my work place they give me to take home and install the bot programs dont have licence code or ■■■■■ or serial, and not are freeware

first are consultorio medico 2.8
it can be installed whith the set up ubicated on the expediente 2 folder it install something first and something affter Comodo, bitdefender, kaspersky and avast and gdata dont detect like virus I dont know if is virus or piracy software only want to know if it have malware activity

Thats the consultorio 2.8 link

The second one are a loquendo voice i must install first Carmen voice and affter i must copy the content on SDK to loquendo folder ubicated on program files folder. (I think its piracy but its very necesary to me i use in my work to read books and documents I am researcher and wirter and need to read too much books in a day)

I want to know if it have malware activity same case i analize whith bdfender, kaspersky, avast, gdata, etc.

Loquendo carlos voice link

Carmen Voice (It must be installed before carlos voice)
I compress the instalers whith 7 zip and upload to send because are too large they dont have password or something like that

Geekbuddys sugest me upload here

Hello albertokevinaktiff,

The samples you have provided have no malicious behavior.

Best regards,