Two tray icons?


I’m running CFP3 on WinXP SP2. Works quite well so far. But today explorer.exe crashed (because of another program, not CFP), and when the taskbar reappeared I had two CFP tray icons instead of one.
Now I have the normal white shield plus another, smaller shield with a tiny flame on the left side. This second shield is non-functional, i.e. nothing happens when I click or right-click on it. The main tray icon is working as it should.

How can I remove this second tray icon? Logging off and on didn’t do the trick. I hope the solution is something other than simple reboot, 'cause I don’t like to reboot every time this happens, at least not for just removing an icon from the tray.

Thanks for any help,

BTW, everytime I want to download an exe-file from Firefox I get an alert, even when I click “remember my answer”. Firefox is on my safe-list. Is it wise to set Firefox as an trusted app or is there a way to modify the custom policy (created by CFP in “Clean PC” mode) so that I can download exe-files without the alerts?

I have the same problem with the icon in the taskbar.
You can exit CFP & run it back.