Two svchost.exe on my comodo view connection!


i have a problem, today i see two svchost.exe on my comodo view connection.

first connected to and downloading! idk what downloading!

when i search for this ip i see


Address type IPv4
ISP Akamai Technologies
Timezone Europe/Berlin (UTC+1)
Local time 01:17:40
Country Germany
State / Region Hesse
City Frankfurt
Coordinates 50.1109, 8.68213


i dont know why svchost should connect here.

this pic

he downloaded 48mb and gone!

pls help tnx.

hey :embarassed:

hey up come on…

Probably the windows updating or checking for updates.
Svchost.exe is usually service related…

has some info.

Why I am wildly guessing windows updates?
Because MS does use akamai distribution servers to balance their servers, hence the connection.
Many big software companies use akamai load servers.