two scanEngines

Is it not possible to make two scanEngines in cis like G DATA has Engine A is Bitdefender, and Engine B is Avast in G DATA mabye its possible to make it in cis like the comodo engine as Engine A and kaspersky as Engine B.

here you can see the movie what i talk about

Compare Avira to Gdata, 1 engine and higher detection.
More is not always better.

I agree with you kyle more is not always better

but for example you use avira as engine A and commodo as engine B
and a virus goes through engine A ( avira) and engine B ( commodo) block it
then i think two are better and avira can have a higher detection but it does not catch everything too.

And by the way G DATA 2009 beta had already an higher detection then avira

but it was only a question to make cis better.

I think 2 scanners are better in comodo’s case a Comodo Engine + a Better AV :P,

But Marcel a Engine from like Kaspersky costs a bunch of money and i dont think Comodo Wants and haves the money and stuff too give too Kaspersky ( for example).

There are maybe smaller options for a 2nd Engine but it always will cost money (if you want CLAMAV as secondary but thats even more sucky then Comodo’s AV :P).

So thats not a option at this moment i think.

CAVS (Comodo antiviruspyware) Is designed to be used in conjunction with CIS, The main objective of CAVS if to add some usability (Reducing pop-ups). Defense+ is a very powerful tool guys, If you use it properly, it’s moreeffective than 2,3,4,5,6,7,100 antiviruses.

AV’s Are reactive it’s somewhat similar to “Cop’s N’ Robers”. Where as Defense+ is proactive, somewhat similiar to Bullet Proof Glass.

Two engine sometimes makes more false positive.

Example : a-Squared and GData (latest version.)

I’m against CIS having multiple scan engines, especially if the engines don’t belong to Comodo. It wouldn’t be entirely Comodo-made anymore, would it? 88)

With Defense + there is not really need for an additional scanner. What the AV would miss will be caught by D+…

I highly doubt whether Comodo could add a second scan engine and still keep the product free. I see nothing wrong with the Comodo AV the way it is.