Two Routers are showing in Network Infrastructure. One is not mine.

Here is the problem

The fairly rounded one is not mine. Am I under threat?

Note :

I have WPA2 encryption enabled. MAC filter enabled.

I’m not sure I’d see it as you being under attack… I’d more see it as a possible undesirable configuration of your wireless networking.

If you’ve checked the properties of both devices listed and have confirmed that one is not on your WLAN subnet (IP Range), then I’d say your PC picked up an access point in the area that must not have been secured/locked for you to have immediate access to it.

Likely your neighbor has a router, didn’t lock it down, your laptop felt it had a stronger signal strength and jumped to it (because it is configured too)… which would mean your neighbor is really the one in jeopardy.

Welcome to the world of plug’n’playpray. If you want your laptop/PC to not pickup any/every access point, you need to configure it that way.

Thanks for your response. I just checked, its protected with WEP. When I right click it, I get ‘Configure’ and when I click configure I am asked to enter a pin.

The signal is not great, on my pc its got only two bars while my default connection has got 4 bars. Even after I disconnect myself from my default access point, i see it.

Its kinda weird.

But won’t affect your system security.
I presume you also have your wireless network secured also.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just noticed that it will go away if I re-enable the Windows Firewall on top of Comodo Firewall. Windows Firewall is set to Public.

Why is that?

Does Comodo Firewall turn on network discovery? How do i turn it off from Comodo Firewall?