Two questions....Start menu / disable at start up

I installed comodo firewall and everything is fine except I can’t find an entry in the start menu.
It installed a desktop shortcut but nothing in the menu.
It’s not a big problem but is it usual behavior?

Also Zone alarm had an option to disable at start up if desired but I cannot find an option to do the same with this firewall… am I missing it somewhere? Sometimes it is needed to disable a program on start up. Does this have to be done through MSCONFIG for this firewall?

Thanks for helping a newbie!!

If by not being able to find an entry in the start menu you mean the shortcut to CFP that should be installed by default, I don’t know why. There’s always shortcut to the firewall’s folder and file in the Start menu on all of my installations.

There is no official way through CFP to disable on startup. Msconfig would be one way, although it still won’t prevent CFP’s driver from loading. For troubleshooting purposes this shouldn’t be a concern.