Two questions...1. Keep X copies and 2. Add a schedule to a manual


Just downloaded and started using CB. So far seems very nice.

I have two questions…

  1. Is there a way to tell it to save X copies…so if I schedule a Ful Backup and want to run that every month, but don’t want to keep more then, let’s say, 6 copies…is there a way to tell CB to delete the 1st one after it builds the 7th one? That way I don’t have to keep an eye on hard drive fill up? This computer is going to be at my parents house.

  2. I created a Full Backup profile/job, but I set it for manual…now I would like to change it to a schedule…once a month…but there’s no alarm clock on it…how do I change the schedule?

Thanks in advance.



You can use the revision number macro feature with reset revision after X runs (backup step 3).

There isn’t such option in version 3. The option was added in version 4, you can try it here.