Two products in one

I would like to see CIS 4.0 having a choice between being installed “out of the box”, that is: install and forget about it; and the regular installation as we have now, for those of us who like to play about with settings.
The choice could be made during install, like when choosing AV, FW or both; and should be reversible, again as we do now if we decide to have the AV installed after all.

The advantage would be to have Comodo reaching all those below average users that get frightened away by our beloved Defense+ pop-ups.

Can you imagine the thousands of new users we would bring to the Comodo community?

Would it be too difficult, technicaly?

I think the default Internet Security is out of the box. I don’t use it but as far as I understand it gives very little pop ups.

I beg to differ Eric.
The default installation as we have it now can overwhelm you with pop-ups under some circumstances. Of course you can always configure it, and that’s one of the attractions of CIS.
But the average or below average user will probably jump to a friendlier product.
What I propose is something similar to Kaspersky 2010.

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