two problems comodo wont stop asking about!

Hello there :slight_smile:

I’ve recently installed the comodo firewall, very impressive indeed, just got two problems i’d like to get sorted

The first is i keep getting asked every two to three seconds if update.exe can create a new file or directory, the path is always c:\windows\softwaredistribution\downloaded\then a long number and a .dll file - changes everytime - i keep saying trusted but they just wont stop coming up, different one each time!

i’m also having the same problem with a text file which i believe may be part of msn messenger 8.5, the file is called dberr.txt and is in a folder called catroot2 in the system32 folder

they’re both such annoyances, any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I think the fix for the first part of your question regardng the constant popups is to place CFP in “Installation Mode” (Summary > Proactive Defense > Switch to Installation Mode [button]). After your update/installation is complete, you will be prompted to switch CFP back to “Normal” (Previous Mode).

I’ll let someone else chime in on the second part of your query regarding MSN Messenger 8.5, which I rarely use.

Same for me. I have Windows XP Update set to Notify me of updates before downloading and updating. Yesterday, the download went fine but when it started to install things, all hell broke loose. D+ kept having to be told it was OK to let files like “C:\WINDOWS$hf_mig$\KB933360\update\update.exe” do things. Of course I got tired of this soon and set “Installation Mode”.

But, what about people who allow Windows to do “Automatic Updates (Recommended)”? !!

It seems like the update procedure downloads these “update.exe” files to these “C:\WINDOWS$hf_mig$\KB933360\update” type directories and runs them. D+ of course, sais they’re not safe, and alerts you for everything every one of them tries to do.

In an attempt to avoid this in the future I added “%windir%**\update\update.exe” to the “Windows Updater Applications” group. See “Defense+ > Common Tasks > My Protected Files > Groups… > Windows Updater Applications > Add > Select From > Browse… > Add new item”.

Can anyone tell me if this makes sense, will it work for the next Windows update, or is it even safe enough? It just seems like there should be a better way to allow MS to Update Windows than switching modes manually every time.

Any thoughts or better ideas?