Two probable false positives

Two probable false positives - see attached screen dumps.

One realtes to BOClean.

The other relates to PDF Convertor from

Hueristic level set to low.

Vista x32 Home Premium

CIS 3.8.65951.477

Virus Database 1025

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Hi monkeytails,

Could you please submit the samples to us?



Zipped files with password ‘infected’ submitted to avlab as requested.



Hi monkeytails,

Can you please provide us the setup for PDF Convertor from
Version 2.00.0161 is avialable on the vendor and download site, but the files you have submitted belongs to v2.00.163.

Thanks in advance


Hi Rahul,

Zipped setup file with password ‘infected’ submitted to avlab as requested.

If you require anything else, please let me know.



Both FP confirmed fixed with database 1035.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

False Positive in relation to BOClean files (evidence.boc) has reappeared although different threat this time.

See attached image file.

Should I upload to avlab again?

Edit: Database version 1049

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