Two NOT rules excluding the same IP address don't seem to be able to coexist

Couldn’t find anything in the forums on this.

I have a rule for uTorrent which aims to allow it to connect to non local host on ports 80 and 8080, but I don’t want it connecting to localhosts on these ports, so my rule is NOT[], Ports(80,8080), TCP/UDP allow. I don’t want to allow uTorrent to connect to ports <1026 on non-local hosts, without precluding that possibility for local host. When I create a second rule of NOT[],Ports(1-1026),TCP/UDP,In/Out,Block, all the individual rules for specific IP addresses and ports in this range that have been created through the “remember answer” in the learning prompt box disappear, but the rule that I’ve created does not appear, and has not taken effect.

I have tried to change the rule so there are no potential conflicts, but it seems that if I have any other rule for uTorrent for [NOT] the same thing happens, even if it’s only to block a single port not included in the above.

It may be legitimate to question why I want to do this, but the fact remains that it doesn’t seem to be able to be done, and can’t easily be done another way.